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American Red Cross Trained

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Wishbones for Pets®

The first international pet sitter charity drive


At Club Pet TLC we design a one of a kind personalized Au Pair' Sitter Service for your amazing pets. After an extensive interview and approval process, we come out to meet your pets and family members, become familiar with your house and routine, pick up keys and complete the necessary paperwork. 

Your Au Pair' will feed your pets, give plenty of fresh water, enjoy a little playtime, go out for a potty break, give a belly rub, brush their coat and a lot of reassurance and TLC while you are away. 

Additional services that are included with your scheduled visits are: altering lights and shades to give an at home apperance, bring in the mail and paper, put trash cans to curb and back again, water indoor plants and secure windows and doors. Overnight visits in your home are available on a case by case basis and weekly and monthly discounts are also available. Club Pet TLC is licensed, bonded and insured.

Pet Au Pair' - 1st Visit daily rate

$ 24

-2nd, 3rd, 4th (same day) visit

$ 10

-add for more than 3+ pets

$ 3

Trip To Local Dog Park

$ 24

Pet Taxi Service - 30 min.

$ 24

Last Minute Cancellations - add (-24hr)

$ 10

SKYPE Service


Club Pet TLC Monthly News Letter



Club Pet TLC offers mid-day walks, potty breaks or just a walk around the block for some much needed excercise and fresh air while you are away or at work. Our Professional Dog Walkers can customize a plan to accomodate you and your pets daily needs.  

We carry "bottoms up" walking leashes for dogs that may need a little extra assistance walking. Weekly and monthly discounts are available.

Dog Walking & Mid-Day Breaks     $ 16

  • Puppies: Daily mid-day visits help establish and maintain a housebreaking schedule. Proper house breaking requires a consistent schedule of bathroom breaks for your puppy. Crate trained puppies need to get out every 3-4 hours for proper training and socialization.
  • Adult Dogs: Adult dogs need regular exercise to ensure good physical and mental health. Loving owners who work long hours can depend on Club Pet TLC to walk their dogs during the week. Crated dogs are in particular need of a mid-day break.
  • Elderly Dogs: The elderly dog often needs more frequent bathroom breaks. When older dogs have accidents they often become stressed


DOG WALKING HOTEL CONCIERGE': You are on vacation too, so call the Club Pet concierge' to give you and your furry family members a helping hand with mid-day potty breaks or to go out for some much needed fresh air and exercise!  

PET-SITTING HOTEL AU PAIR': Don't let a night out ruin the pet's vacation. You can employ the pet-sitting Au Pair' service to ensure your loved one is well looked after and not bored stuck in the hotel room as you wine and dine or head out to the beach for some fun in the sun!   

HOTEL PET PARLOR: The Club Pet Concierge' can arrange a variety of grooming services including wash and blow drys & Paw-icures. Prices depend on size and breed of dog and must be booked in advance. The Club Pet Taxi will pick up and return your fabulous pampered pooch!

  •  Hotel Concierge'                                                                $24 per visit
  • Pet-Sitting Hotel Au Pair'                                               $16 hourly
  • Hotel Pet Parlor                                                                 call for rates 

***this service is for out of town visitors staying in hotels and condos


***extended stay discounts are available


***military discounts are available


CLUB PET TLC offers holistic pet massage by our trained Pet Masseuse'. Dog Massage is the manipulation of the skin and muscle for a therapeutic purpose. When done properly massage can greatly enhance your dog's life. I have seen results with just one massage. Owners tell me their dogs sleep more sound, eat better and walks are longer.

 RATES: 20 minutes $24 / 30 minutes $28

Dog Massage Benefits:

· Relieves pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and other ailments.

· Alleviates stress caused by separation anxiety, vet and groomer visits, prior abuse, and loss of another pet.

· Loosens tight muscles and increases flexibility and range of motion.

· Prepares body for surgery and reduces recovery time after surgery or injury.

· Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage to improve overall health.

Releases endorphins that work as a natural painkiller and feeling of well-being.

· Benefits young dogs as they learn to feel comfortable with people touching their paws, which makes for easy nail cutting and grooming, massaging their gums helps promote circulation and healthy teeth growth, and a full body massage relieves growing pains and helps build their immune system.

· Older dogs benefit in that massage relieves aches and pains, is useful in assessing your dog for any physical changes, and helps maintain their immune system.

· Increases bone density and builds muscle mass.

· Reduces edema

· Agility, flyball, freestyle and all sport dogs: Massage helps warm up the body in order to improve performance and reduce risk of injury, helps to cool down the body both mentally and physically. Massage and stretching pre and post performance helps in assessing the muscles for any changes and rids muscles of tension. 

Oh Lord, please don't let me forget,         How much I love my trusty pet.....